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Grants for Career Training


Grants are available to help you take your career training beyond reading stacks of books.

Career training can be useful in both the short term and the long term. You will learn skills that will enhance your ability to do your job. By doing so, you will also increase your value to your employer, as well as your educational background, relevant in the event you search for a new job. Grants for training programs and activities related to your career can be found by using resources from a number of different channels. Have a question? Get an answer from a Personal Finance Professional now!


1.     Work Resources

  • Many workplaces offer grants to employees who have been with the company for a certain amount of time. Sometimes known as your personal development options and often included as part of your benefits package, these grants may be made by your employer to the organization you choose to go to for career training. Talk to your human resources manager about whether your company offers any career development support. If not, ask if the company would consider providing financial support for you to attend a specific event you feel would significantly and tangibly enhance your ability to contribute to the company. Also discuss with your supervisor what career training would be beneficial to someone in your position.
  • Seeking grants, scholarships and discounts offered by professional organizations related to your career is another way to avoid having to pay for career training activities yourself. Look for national associations and foundations related to your field, and see if conferences, workshops and educational programs they reference mention any grant opportunities for either those experienced in the field or for those new to the sector. For example, teachers can apply for grants from the NEA Foundation to attend summer institutes or carry out action research.


Local Resources

  • Local organizations can be useful resources when it comes to career training. For example, your town, county or city may have professional organizations that gather to support young professionals in a particular field such as accounting or acting by providing scholarships to one or a few promising applicants. For example, Oregon’s Regional Arts and Culture Council runs a professional development grant program that helps artists take their work or organization to the next level professionally.
  • Places of learning such as colleges and institutes that have programs related to professional development in your field may also offer grants to help defray the cost of attending their courses. Community colleges and community centers also often offer free courses on skills related to a variety of different careers, which will mean you get to spend time studying instead of writing grant applications.

Educational Institutions

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